We rely on respectful interactions between our Users to make WeGreenlight a collaborative community. 

So please follow our guidelines:

  1.  Share Ideas but DON’T SPAM others. Spam includes sending unsolicited messages to our Users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or via email. This only reduces the credibility of WeGreenlight’s community and annoys the people you spam.
  2. Don't post Ideas with copyrighted content without permission. Only post original content, content that you have the rights to, or derivative works based on creative commons/public domain content.
  3.  If you don't like an Idea, don't greenlight it. Harsh negative criticism is not welcomed at WeGreenlight, because we believe only positive constructive criticism can help improve Ideas.
  4.  Don't promote an Idea or update on another Idea’s pages. Give other Ideas a chance to cultivate their own discussions, and if you don't, your comments will be deleted and your Profile may be suspended.
  5.  Be courteous and respectful. Don't harass or abuse other Users.
  6. Don't post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. If you do we will remove it and can suspend your Profile. 

Actions that violate our Guidelines or our Terms may lead to your content and Profile being suspended or deleted. 

If you find any content that violates our Guidelines or Terms you can report it by clicking the “Report” icon, so that we may take necessary actions to resolve and/or remove the content. 

However abusing this report system is also a violation of our Terms, and may lead to your Profile being deleted. 


Posting Guidelines for Ideas

These guidelines are for posting new Ideas and their updates on WeGreenlight, and Ideas violating these guidelines may be removed.

Prohibited content for Ideas. There are some things we don't allow on WeGreenlight for the consideration of our community:

  • Drugs, drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, etc
  •  Financial incentives (ownership, share of profits, repayment/loans, etc)
  •  Firearms, weapons, and knives
  • Multilevel marketing and pyramid programs
  • Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, etc)
  • Pornographic material
  •  Ideas promoting or glorifying acts of violence 

You can report Ideas that violate these guidelines by clicking the Report icon at the top of the Idea Pages.