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Trendendo is a platform where you can find ranked lists for anything in the world, voted on by people like you. Our app lets you vote on the best, the favorite, and the most important & see how others vote on those same things. It's Life. Ranked.

There are many voting and polling apps out there, each of which has some utility. With Trendendo, we're centralizing the unique perspectives in this diverse world all in one place, whether that's about politics, food, or movies, etc. With detailed information on who the people are that are voting on different Cards, as we call them, users are better able to identify with rankings. We are also able to show the relationship between different elements in a ranking. For example, if you were to look at the results of "Best Running Shoe Brand", it would be important to know how a certain brand does with males age 25-34. Now, wouldn't it be even more valuable if you could see how often Nike was voted for when it was pitted against Adidas? It's these relationships between entries in a ranking that provide lots of value, and we're able to show them in a compelling way.

User-generated content. We're currently the engine behind content on Trendendo (think a Card like "Best Running Shoe Brand" and then inputting all the brands like Nike, Adidas, Saucony, etc.), which isn't going to be sustainable forever. Opening up the floor to our users will make Trendendo infinitely more valuable to the community of people using it, much like how Wikipedia and YouTube work, for example.

We need your feedback! We did an initial launch to get survey feedback, after which we implemented the changes. Now, it's round 2! Please either download our iOS app or use our web app and let us know what you think of the idea! What do you think of voting - is it fun/interesting? Do you enjoy interacting with the app, in general? Do you find it valuable to see the demographics behind who the people are that are voting on certain Cards? We very much appreciate it. Please reach out to me at or post on here with your thoughts! Thank you!

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