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The OutBully platform allows students in high school, college and university in Canada, The United States and the Netherlands to report incidents of bullying to the school board with the tap of a button.

Bullying is a commonly dismissed issue within educational institutions and society. However, over 160,000 students in the United States alone miss school everyday due to bullying. We want to make schools a safer place for people to learn and grow without fear. That is why we created OutBully. It is an anonymous reporting app that partners with faculty and the use of student ID to follow up on incident reports in real time. No longer should a child not feel welcome on their campus, and with real time reporting officials can receive anonymous witness statements to prevent further dismissal of this pressing issue. OutBully is planning on launching this summer in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. OutBully aims to help end bullying and is dedicated to helping students in schools around Canada and around the globe stand up and be heard. OutBully has also been recently featured on Startup World: and featured at Campus Party in the Netherlands.

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