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1,578 views is an organizational tool for Customer Success and Relationship Managers in B2B companies. It helps those in these roles document and keep track of the reasons why their customers purchased their services in the first place.

With the increase in B2B companies (particularly in the Software as a Service industry), the focus on renewing customers year over year has become paramount. More customers are using subscription based services to achieve long term goals. In many cases, unfortunately, there is no way for Customer Success Managers at B2B companies to quickly/easily document and track a customers reasons for buying, their success metrics, and the day to day interactions they have with their customers to help them achieve success with the platform they've invested in. Unfortunately, this inability to track and manage this essential information results in customers leaving, churning, choosing to cancel the renewal. helps Customer Success Managers stay focused on the customers measures of success with the goal of helping them achieve it and in turn, continue the relationship and renew the service. will provide integration points to common CRM and Support Desk platforms to help make it even easier to use the tool.

Help me connect with managers/leaders of small to mid sized Customer Success teams, particularly at startup and just-post-startup SaaS companies. Those that have a strong focus on renewal based business and have a dedicated team that is responsible for helping customers use the solution they purchased.

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