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Supplement for Women

A natural supplement that assists with mood, energy, & focus for women. It was clinically tested with 6k women and improved mood in depressed women (on medication or not). We are looking for feedback on product format (powder drink, pill, chewable).

This product is designed to help women improve energy, focus, and mood. 6k+ women participated in a study using this product, 1/3 were depressed and on medication, 1/2 were depressed and not on medication, and 1/3 were not depressed. The first 2 groups felt normal within 10 weeks of taking the product and the last group felt much better within 10 weeks. The ingredients are generally recognized as safe and anyone can take them, including women who are pregnant or nursing.

We are looking for feedback on product format (e.g. tablet, pill, powder drink, chewable, etc.), pricing, and where you would expect to find a product like this.

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