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Vator - Random Video Discovery

Vator is an app that let's you discover new videos randomly and post your own videos to see what others think. It works like a cross between Vine and Chatroullete, as you browse through random short videos (60 seconds or less).

The idea behind Vator's name and design is the concept of the "elevator pitch", which is a scenario where you randomly meet someone important in the ele"vator", and you have a short period of time before the elevator ride is over to deliver your "pitch" to that person to get their approval. So Vator applies this concept in a simple fun way by letting you record a short video about whatever you want, which people can "vate" up if they like it or vate down if they don't. Alternatively you can discover new videos randomly by browsing Vator and vate them up or down depending on how you like them. The more videos you "vate" the better Vator can show you more random videos that you would enjoy. Show your support and feedback for Vator with your greenlights and suggestions below, and we can build this app together to randomly discover!

Greenlighters (18)


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