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Emotionally Enabled

Isaac is surrounded by screens in his living quarters and the factory line where he works. He moves about, his attention divided between the constant commercials playing on all of them, one of which stops him. It reminds him of childhood and a single tear falls onto his smiling lips. Later that night, he wakes up confused, realizing for the first time a new detail in his reoccurring dream... a brand name. Isaac is monitored as he is one of the very few, ‘emotionally enabled’ androids. Under the control of the largest corporations, these androids are used to test new products and build them. Like the others, he is enhanced with fake memories born out of commercials; he is conditioned to emotional stimuli and responds accordingly to advertising, by consuming the very products he builds. Feeling something is wrong, he escapes by ‘faking’ being emotionless. On the outside, he realizes he is more human than what humans have become. Does he return to his cage or begin something new?

Greenlighters (14)


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