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StikChops: Chopsticks For All

If you haven’t grown up using chopsticks, the learning curve is steep! We designed StikChops™- a revolutionized take on chopsticks and forks for consumers trying new culinary experiences and traditions while dinning locally and traveling abroad.

Cheater chopsticks are essentially chopsticks attached at the top to prevent the dreaded crisscrossing of the sticks. While arguably helpful, they do little to help combat a learner’s fork and spoon tendencies. StikChops™ is specifically designed to combine the multiple functions a fork and chopsticks would typically perform. For instance, its tips are gently bent to give more surface area and control than traditional chopsticks when picking things up. StikChops™ also has a slightly curved body that makes actions like twirling pasta noodles a breeze. Added perks of StikChops™ ergonomic design include its ability to stably rest on the edge of a plate, and act as serving tongs if necessary. Currently, StikChops™ will be available in five different colours, and comes in two sizes, regular and children size. The multi-purpose utensil is also environmentally friendly, is reusable, and recyclable. A travel-friendly utensil, StikChops™ even comes with a protective cap to keep your on-the-go experience clean and sanitary. So put the days of flying peas and dropped noodles behind you with Stikchops™s. Your non-cramping hand and full stomach will certainly thank you. The StikChops™ design and product concept delivers multiple user benefits, here are but a few examples: · When squeezed and brought together, the end portions allow an elongated continuous contact of the food-engaging surfaces of the end portions. While selecting food items that one is used too with tried utensils is simple, choosing with a novel utensil unfamiliar food types can be a challange. · Enables users multiple right and left-handed grasping positions, rests securely on plate when not being used, and end portions are elevated and not in contact with a table's surface when at rest. · Ease of selecting food items from both an upright and downward facing positions, similar to how a Fork operates. · For eating some types of food, such as noodles, chopsticks are often ill suited. The noodles cannot be easily gathered in multiples due to the users inability to rotate the chopsticks in one’s hand while grasping noodles as with a fork. · As mothers have said countless times to their kids – “Eat More Slowly”. The StikChops™ extends the eating time to finish one's meal and allows ample time to trigger the 20-minute signal from your stomach to your brain that you are full - And feeling full translates into eating less! · In a recent Health studies article, people who use chopsticks on a daily bases are more likely to develop hand osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis that is often due to excessive use of joints. The StikChops™ are universally designed with multiple ergonomic grasping positions that help to reduce the stress incurred from chopsticks which places stress on particular joints in the first, second, and third fingers · The universal design of StikChops™ is reusable, made of Delron from Dupont - an FDA approved material for food contact, is dishwasher safe and recyclable thus helping to reduce the environmental impact of the one time use of disposable wooden chopsticks. The StikChops™ come in an assortment of sizes, colors, storage/housing options, and a protective travel cap.

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