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H.E.R.O. – Her Education Relieves Oppression

In Afghanistan, women have struggled to gain the same educational opportunities as men, creating oppression and a lasting handicap on the nation’s economy. While gains in female education have been made since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 – currently, only 12% of Afghan women age 15 and over are literate. However, international attention and funding for this issue has been dropping since 2006. We must refocus our attention towards Afghan girls’ education and put more energy into programs, policy, and funding to benefit girls’ education, specifically a much-needed female teacher training program for primary- and secondary-school teachers in Afghanistan. Our online petition campaign is HERO – Her Education Relieves Oppression would “Help Her Change the World” and “Be a voice for her – Tell Congress and UN organizations that girls’ education should be a priority in Afghanistan”. Under the theme of HERO, we can encourage people to “be a hero” to these young Afghan girls.

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