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PEAR Cards

PEAR Cards™ are a deck of 100 cards consisting of individual prompts, group questions, and positive affirmations crafted specifically to create positive communication in social situations - An activity for family, friends, or any social situation.

PEAR is focused on promoting positive engagement between individuals for the betterment of a global community. We are dedicated to spreading positivity by providing a medium that allows for social and emotional interaction. PEAR is honored to donate 10% of our profits to selected mental health organizations. We are proud to be a part of a global effort that encourages mental health and promotes positive psychology. Together we can achieve.

PEAR Cards are just the first step in a larger idea of PEAR. We want to create positive connections - that's our goal. Any medium that we can use to bring people to having closer, open, more genuine relationships - we will use.

Support our Kickstarter launching on September 19th. Until then, please share the idea of PEAR Cards, positivity, happiness, openness and engage in conversation throughout your day to day lives. Our website is - Our social media pages are @passthepear and we would LOVE for you to follow us and share our message there as well! Thank you so much!

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