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L: A Story of Genderfluidity

We're working on the FIRST feature film with a gender non-binary lead. Our film is called, "L" and is about a clueless marketing strategist in San Francisco who forms an unlikely friendship with new roommate who happens to be genderfluid.

Now, more than ever (especially with the Trump Administrations latest attack on transgender military personnel, we need to support trans-inclusive art that uses authentic representation to encourage people to educate themselves and become better and stronger allies for one another.

While I do have several film ideas in the works, none are as timely and as important as "L".

Im an indie guy with an indie team, so everything we do - financially or otherwise, is grassroots. We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and would LOVE your support. We are 15% funded with 21 days remaining. Check us out, watch a scene that we shot from the film, and see for yourself if this project is worthy of your support and your greenlight!

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