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Audio to sign language plugin

Our Aim to enable the deaf and those with hearing loss around the round access the internet with value, be able to watch Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp, Youtube Videos without a hitch. This software shall be released on open source

The Impact My team and I are hopeful about the impact of this project. Many people who cannot enjoy the benefits of social media shall be able to enjoy them. The deaf shall be able to use YouTube, watch WhatsApp, Facebook and any other social media videos. They will also be able to listen to radio on their phones. We believe information is power and that tool shall grossly help also 70 Million people in our society that currently face lots of problems in communicating online. Performance Requirements The application should perform accurately in a quiet environment. The performance should not deteriorate drastically even in the presence of some noise. The response time for recognizing a word should not be more than 2 seconds. The probability of misrecognition should be not more than 30%- 40%

We are running a campaign on indiegogo and we hope to raise money through this for the project If case one you cannot contribute financially, you may help raise funds in your communities We shall also need people to review and critic the product when we reach the beta start and this shall be in 3 months times. You may email me and we get in touch. In case you have any skills that are relevant in our project, kindly also get to my email.

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