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Pimp my Luggage

Everyone has the boring plain black roller bag for traveling. BORING. Why not stand out? At Pimp My Luggage you can get a variety of name brand high quality luggage with personalized graphics that reflect you.

I'm on airplanes...a lot. What I have noticed in my travels is that as the luggage drops on the baggage carousel everyone is looking for little clues about what bag is their own. Some even put little funny tags to identify the thousands of look alike black roller black roller bags. Sure you see a few that are red or brown, the occasional tiger print. You're unique, you should have luggage that is unique. At Pimp My Luggage you can get quality name brand luggage that is graphically designed for your individual tastes. Chose from our catalog of authentic street art or design your own. Make it your own and stand out in the crowd. A portion of all sales will be contributed to redirecting young artists from vandalism to making urban areas beautiful.

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