Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeGreenlight?

WeGreenlight is a community of innovators and influencers that greenlight ideas we want to see made, post ideas we’re developing, and getting the feedback + support + resources that is crucial to success


Does it cost money to use WeGreenlight?

It’s free to post and greenlight ideas


What is a “greenlight”?

A greenlight is an indication that you would be interested in using, buying, or supporting an idea. We are giving you the “greenlight” to move forward. 


What types of ideas can I post?

You can post any type of idea that would appeal to a consumer

  • Entertainment
  • Products
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Fashion and more

We see new types of ideas posted to WeGreenlight everyday so don't feel restricted. Post your idea and see if it sticks.


Is WeGreenlight market research?

  • Yes but nothing like traditional market research
  • It’s a new way for entrepreneurs and creators to get market research for our ideas
  • We don’t target demographics or have creepy one way mirrors. We just simply ask people if they want an idea to be made so the creators know they have something worth creating.
  • This helps them validate their ideas so they don’t waste time, money, and energy on something no one wants...